HELP: Massachusetts Bar Examination Info Page 9


Multistate Bar Examination

Your seating for the examination is assigned according to your answer to this question. You may NOT change the MBE jurisdiction after you file your petition.

If you answer NO (you are sitting for the MBE in Massachusetts) you will be seated for both days (Tues. & Wed.) in Massachusetts.

If you answer YES (you are sitting for your MBE in another juridiction) you will only be seated for one (1) day (Tues. , the written portions of the examination). If you answer YES ( you are sitting for your MBE in another juridiction), that jurisdiction must transfer the score to Massachusetts.

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to have that jurisdiction transfer your score to Massachusetts. See MBE information for more details.

For more information, contact Board of Bar Examiners.


Laptop Testing Program for the Written Portions of the Bar Examination

Petitioners sitting for the bar examination will have the opportunity to word process the written portions of the bar exam on their own laptop computers.  The Board has contracted with ExamSoft Worldwide, Inc. (ExamSoft) to use its security software product, SofTest, for the written portions of the bar examination.  In choosing this option you will be permitted to use your personal laptop computer, pre-loaded with SofTest, to word process answers to the written portions of the bar examination.    You MUST comply with the following:

  1. Notice for Laptop Testing Program
  2. Issues to consider in making your decision
  3. Laptop System Requirements
  4. Fees