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The links at the top of these pages have been organized to help you use this site. SITE INSTRUCTIONS will provide you with instructions on how to use these forms. SITE HELP gives you assistance in using the site and SITE FAQ may be able to answer any of your questions. Create USER PROFILE allows you to create a profile for yourself. Click LOG IN to enter into your own form.

The links on the left of these pages have been organized to help you with this process. Filing Instructions details what is required for you to file your Petition for Admission with the Clerk’s office (FIRST TIME PETITION Filing Instructions, RE-EXAMINATION Filing Instructions). IMPORTANT DATES give you important dates and deadlines. EXAMINATION INFORMATION directs you to the Board of Bar Examiners for all exam information. Help and FAQ provide assistance with the admission process. LINKS and CONTACTS direct you to those who can help you. PDF DOCUMENTS links you to information, instructions, and forms you can print using Adobe Acrobat.

You need to complete the following 14 web form pages in order to produce your Petition Cover Sheet, Petition, Statement to the Board of Bar Examiners and Authorization Form: